Reusable incontinence pads for women sounds like a new invention but it’s far from it. Just think about it, what did women use before disposable pads? Some kind of washable ones. There was no other option. The material that they’re made of today, and the level of absorption, are of course not comparable.

Today the reusable incontinence pads work just as well as the disposable ones. I would say the only big difference is that you need to bring a wetbag with you to put them in. The wetbags look just like cute little makeup bags. No one can tell it contains incontinence protection.

In this article you will find the top 5 reusable incontinence pads for women money can buy. We’ll have a quick look at each one. After that we go though a couple of the most common questions on this subject. Let’s dive in.

The 5 best reusable incontinence pads for women

So, what is a great reusable incontinence pad? Well, I’ve been looking for pads that absorbs well, are comfortable stay in place, wash up well and have a long life, attractive look and a nice price. I absolutely hate when they bunch up or for some reason don’t stay in place and stain my underwear. Some of them have waterproof layers helping to reduce the risk for stains but there’s no guarantee of course. Just like with disposable ones, you need to know your flow and change when time is due.

Here’s a list of my top 5 reusable incontinence pads for women

  1. Treehugger cloth pads
  2. Rael
  3. Etsy/AYRAcreations
  4. GladRags
  5. Imse Vimse

A note! Most of these are marketed as reusable period pads, but they work just as well incontinence pads. It really doesn’t matter what kind of fluid it is. It could also be sweat or discharge.

Treehugger cloth pads

Treehugger has 3 different types of pads. Or actually, 1 pad with 3 different top layers. The middle and backing is the same. They all also have snapping wings to stay in place. You can choose between Minky (polyester), Bamboo, and Cotton. All three are great, but they do have slightly different characteristics.

Worth mentioning is that they plant a tree for every pad hey sell. How about that?

Treehugger Minky

Price example: 3 pads for $40.50 (Heavy flow pads)

Pros: stain resistant, soft, long life, hundreds of colors, feels dry to the skin

Cons: warm, slowest absorption

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washable incontinence pads for women

Treehugger Bamboo

Price example: 3 pads for $42.89 (Heavy flow pads)

Pros: smooth (feels like velour), absorbs fast, adds extra layer of protection without adding thickness

Cons: can stain if not treated, no prints, loose softness with time

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reusable bamboo incontinence pads

Treehugger Cotton

Price example: 3 pads for $40.50 (Heavy flow pads)

Pros: thin, cool, fun colors

Cons: can stain if not treated, not as soft as the other ones, a little less absorbent

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Reusable cotton incontinence pads


Price example:  3 pads for $38.99

Rael is a brand that has both disposable and reusable pads made of 100% certified organic cotton. Their washable options have 6 leak protection cotton layers that helps to keep your skin dry and odours at bay. You secure them with a snap closure and they’re very comfortable to wear.

reusable pads with best absorbency

Reusable incontinence pads from Rael also have an added security, wings and channels on the side. The side panels and unique channel designs trap the fluid inside and prevent overflow.

After using them, just through them in the laundry. You can wash and reuse them up to 120 times. This is safe and effective, even for the most sensitive of skins.

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A great place to look for reusable incontinence pads for women is Etsy. This is a global marketplace for unique goods. There you can find tons handmade good quality washable pads for incontinence.

The pads are usually colorful and have some nice print. They’re not necessarily cheaper but very comfortable and soft. There are a lot of different sellers. Make sure you check out their reviews before buying something.


Price example: 2 Heavy pads for $33.64

For reusable pads I love the seller AYRAcreations. They have such great quality pads in lovely prints and they ship fast. You can also get wet bags, face masks, and other great reusable things from there.

The pads in the image are made of minky, Zorb, Bamboo and PUL waterproof cotton.

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washable pee proof pads


Price example: 1 night pad for $18.92

Gladrags are made of 100% cotton and divinely soft and comfortable. Like all the other brands they have everything from a pantyliner to a thicker and longer nightpad. They’re also perfect to wear if you have sensitive skin. There are no chemicals and they breath.

The gladrags doesn’t have any backing layer. That means you need to change the pad in good time. They do have absorbent inserts. That means you can choose how many inserts you want and need, extending the time before changing.

Buying all the incontinence pads you need can seem a bit daunting for the wallet. I recommend you buy one or a pair each month. Then, before you know it you’ll be set for years to come.

You can buy them directly from the Gladrag website, but if you’re ok with getting assorted colors and print you should buy them from Amazon. Their prices are better.

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gladrags incontinence pads for women

Think Eco

There are a number of brands that sell a similar product. Think Eco have chosen to focus on a pad that are made of 90% cotton and to sell at a very reasonable price. To reduce cost, they’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. And sometimes simple is just as good.

This pad has 6 layers. 5 of the layers are made of absorbent certified organic cotton and 1 of them is a waterproof layer. It’s the fifth layer. I think this is so smart. It adds that extra protection but is still so soft and comfortable to the touch.

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think eco washable pads for incontinence


Wetbags are waterproof little bags where you can keep your used cloth pads. Some wetbags, like the one in the picture, have two pockets. One pocket that is waterproof and one in cotton where you can store your unused items.

The wetbag in the picture is highly recommended. You can get it in 4 sizes, with or without a strap and pocket, and it’s durable and washable. You can use it for any wet stuff you have, pads and bathing suits alike.

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wetbag for cloth pads

Is there an alternative to incontinence pads for women?

Yes there is. There are actually several alternative to incontinence pads.

  • Reusable incontinence underwear
  • Disposable incontinence pads
  • Disposable incontinence underwear
  • Pelvic floor strengthening devices
  • Bladder support control products

Which option’s the best, depends on why and how much you leak. Also, your personal preferences of course. If you want to know more about any of these, check out the articles,

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