I would say it’s a little bit of freedom. Freedom to jump, laugh, run, relax and just live a normal life. Without worry about leaks and stains.

Disposable protection haven’t been around for more than about 80 years, and wasn’t really in use until maybe the 1950’s or 60’s. Women just used folded fabric or crocheted pads up until then.

Now we’re moving back to washable materials. Which is great. We’re saving the environment, our money and it’s so much better for our skin (they breath and there are no chemicals involved).

So, what is reusable incontinence pads today? It’s basically the same as before, some kind of cloth. The biggest differences are the absorption capacity and fit. Today we have the luxury to be able to focus on comfort, price, capacity, fit and attractiveness. Let’s go a little bit further in to detail.