In Sweden the word Knix (or nix) means no. But the answer to if you can pee in your Knix is actually yes. Yes, you can pee in Knix (just to be very clear).

All kinds of period proof underwear absorbs all kinds of fluids. It doesn’t really matter if it’s blood, urine, sweat or discharge. It all get absorbed and locked away.

Pee proof underwear

There are many reasons for urine leakage and it’s incredibly common. 1 in 4 women experience it and it becomes more common as you age. 75% of women over 65 report some kind of urine leakage.

With that said, when it happens to you it’s never fun.

Pee proof underwear are designed to absorb more fluid

You apparently already own and know about reusable period underwear, being a Knix-user. Did you know that there also are washable incontinence underwear for women? Pretty pee proof underwear that looks just like regular underwear, but are designed for both little and big urine leaks.

There are of course also disposable ones that are the safest bet if you’re suffering from total or heavy urinary incontinence. If you want to know more about these reusable and disposable urine incontinence underwear and get tips on where to get them, have a look at Incontinence underwear for women.

Can I pee in my Knix

Urinary incontinence after pregnancy

So, why is urinary incontinence so common? Well, I would guess it’s because women have children and we’re aging. Most women experience some incontinence during the pregnancy because you bladder gets flattened by the baby. This usually goes away within 6 weeks after giving birth.

If you’re experiencing leaks after that you should get it checked out. Your bladder has then most likely slipped out of place because of the weakened muscled around it or due to some injury during child birth.

If you want to know more about this you can have a look at Urinary incontinence after pregnancy – and what to do about it

Train your pelvic floor with Knix underwear

Some urinary incontinence issues are permanent but a lot of them are just temporary and can be made better. So, what can you try to do?

  • Kegel exercises
  • Stay away from coffee, bubbles and alcohol
  • Stay in shape and watch out for those extra kilos
  • Eat fibers
  • Beat the leaks by keeping a schedule
control pelvic floor exercise

Kegel exercises are working and strengthening the muscles surrounding the bladder. There are great pelvic floor strenthening devices but also but also bladder control support (relieving the pressur on your bladder) that can make quite a difference.

If you can work on your pelvic floor your should check out the Best incontinence products for women

Your Knix underwear are perfect to wear while you working on strengthening your pelvic floor. They will protect your from leaks and you can feel really safe while  you’re getting better.

Are you worried about urinary incontinence?

The best medicine for worry is knowledge. If you want to know more about incontinence the Mayo Clinic offer very helpful and easy to understand information about incontinence.