In Sweden the word Knix (or nix) means no. But the answer to if you can pee in your Knix is actually yes. Yes, you can pee in Knix (just to be very clear).

All kinds of period proof underwear absorbs all kinds of fluids. It doesn’t really matter if it’s blood, urine, sweat or discharge. It all get absorbed and locked away.

Pee proof underwear

There are many reasons for urine leakage and it’s incredibly common. 1 in 4 women experience it and it becomes more common as you age. 75% of women over 65 report some kind of urine leakage.

With that said, when it happens to you it’s never fun.

Pee proof underwear are designed to absorb more fluid

You apparently already own and know about reusable period underwear, being a Knix-user. Did you know that there also are washable incontinence underwear for women? Pretty pee proof underwear that looks just like regular underwear, but are designed for both little and big urine leaks.

There are of course also disposable ones that are the safest bet if you’re suffering from total or heavy urinary incontinence. If you want to know more about these reusable and disposable urine incontinence underwear and get tips on where to get them, have a look at