If you’re experiencing incontinence problems, I first want to say I’m sorry you do. Secondly, you’re not alone. 25% of all women over 18 have leakage problems at one point or another during her life. That is one in four women. Depending on what kind of urinary incontinence you suffer from, there are products that can help you recover and there are products that can help you cope and live your life anyway you want to.

I’m not going to dive into different kinds of urinary incontinence here. We are going to talk about the best incontinence products for women for light, moderate and heavy bladder leaks. You should of course choose what ever product you want, but I think you can benefit from considering a few factors first.

  • Comfort – what makes you feel the best?
  • Price – don’t spend your money on unnecessary things, can you choose the cheaper pads instead of the more expensive underwear?
  • Environment – can you help to spare the planet by using washable products?
  • Looks – looking fine can help you feel normal, even great. Don’t underestimate that.
  • Aid – can it help you recover, or even recover faster?