To answer which period proof underwear are best for plus size women we need to start with defining 2 things:

1. Which brands do we have to choose from?

2. What does best mean?

Which brands offer plus size period proof underwear?

I’m sure there are brands out there that I’m not aware of, but these are the ones I’m familiar with and have at least pretty good knowledge about.




Other brand


What do we mean by best?

Becasue this is my review I get to decide what best means in this case. I really want you to know and understand my starting position and what I’m looking for.

What I’m searching for is brands that offer plus size period proof underwear with

  • great absorption & quality
  • wide range of plus size styles
  • underwear designed to really fit a curvy woman
  • different styles to choose from

Let’s look at the brands I’ve chosen for this review and consider the above points.


This is my favorite brand. Why is that? Well, my opinion might be tainted by them being my first. I was so amazed by period underwear when I first learned of their existens. It was love at first sight so to speak.

It’s probably also because they’ve done this for quite some time and definitely knows what they’re doing. They’re trustworthy, experienced, and design concsciuos.

The best about Modibodi

They design AND front women of all sizes and shapes. Modibodi includes everyone in everything. I think the quality and absorption is great and they offer plus sizes in all their styles. They also have a great selection for sizes up to 6XL.

The not so best about Modibodi

If I have to say anything it have to be the price. Period underwear in general are pricy. Maybe not in the long run, but it’s a high one time cost compared to pads and tampons.


Knix is another brand that I love. They feature curves, fat, crinkles and folds. It’s made for real women, not just unrealitsic women with curves on the right places.

Another thing that separates them from the crowd is their innovative drive and what they call “human-centric designs”. They try to invent products that help solve problems women meet. Like light weight anti chafing shorts and underwear with compression bands.

The best about Knix

Except for them being very innovative they have great eye for cuts and colors. I think almost all their underwear are very stylish and elegant. They also have the most absorbent underwear in the list. Some of their underwear hold up to 8 tampons worth of fluids.

The not so best about Knix

I know it’s a little contradictory but there’s some variety missing. I really like their designs and colors, but at the same time it almost gets a little boring. I don’t want all my underwear to look the same. I want to be able to match my underwear with both my mood and outfit.


Thinx make quality plus size leak proof underwear and is in my opinion an overall good choice. I would go so far to say that everything about them is good and solid. They offer lots of styles in sizes up to 4XL in a wide variety colors. The prices are fair and there a a lot of different absorbency levels.

The best about Thinx

If you read the text above you might think that Thinx are a traditional company, but I can assure you they’re not. They have revecived a lot of attention for controverisal advertisement throughout the years. Some of better than others. But I appreciate a brand that tries to work against period stigma.

The not so best about Thinx

I’m not the biggest fan of their designs and colors. With that said, feel free to disagree.


Aisle was actually one of the first brands with reusable period products on the market starting in 1993. They’re famous for their sustainability work and eco-friendly designs (amongst period care companies).

Even though they’re old in the game they’re pretty new to me. I only know them through their site and other people reviews. I like what I’ve seen so far. And thet undoubtedly offers great plus size underwear.

The best about Aisle

I think they’re designed for the everyday woman living her everyday life. Not something you want to wear to a party but something that will make you feel safe and secure on a weekday. Doing as little impact on the environment as possible is also a huge plus.

The not so best about Aisle

If you’re looking for something to feel a little sexy or sensual in, I think you’re better of at a place like Knix or Modibodi. The styles and colors are more basic and with coverage in mind.


The fifth and final brand on this list is Rubylove. There’s a reason why it’s the last one, and it’s because I don’t think this is the best place to look for plus size period underwear. They make great period underwear and swimwear for tweens and teens mainly.

They have lots and lots of styles, color and pattern choices. You can find colorful and vibrant stuff. They do have a Curvy & Plus size collection but I don’t think this is their strong suit.

The best about Rubylove

The coolest about Rubylove is that they have a period swimwear solution that holds up to a total of 6 tampons worth. Pair bottoms and one-pieces with reusable double sided pads and you’re good to go.

The not so best about Rubylove

I don’t think they’re made for the curvy woman. Their target group is teens and a teen body doesn’t look the same as a full grown woman.

Which period proof underwear are best for plus size women

As you can tell there are a lot of brands and styles to choose from. They’re all in almost the same price classes so I think you should go for the designs and colors you like the best.

You don’t have to stick with one brand, choose what you consider are the goodies from all of them. Remember that you have different needs throught your cycle and your life. Sometimes the flow is low, and sometimes the mood is brood. You need a couple of them to get your through your days.

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