You can actually wear whatever bathing suit you want when you’re on your period. A one piece, bikini, tankini, swim dress, you name it. Just pair you swimming garment of choice with a tampon, menstrual cup, or pad (for swimming) and you’re good to go.

Depending on where you are in your period and how much you bleed there are also the options of period proof bathing suits. They don’t hold heavy bleeding but are perfect for lighter days and as a fool proof leak backup.

Period proof bathing suits

If you’ve never heard of leak proof bathing suits it might sound unreal, but I assure you it’s a thing. It’s even a thing that works. There are 2 types of bathing suits you can wear on your period

  1. Bathing suits with built-in lining – these can be worn without any other kind of protection.
  2. Bathing suits with built in lining and pad pocket – can be worn with a pad for extra absorbency

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Depending on your age and what you’re looking for.

swim wear to wear on periods

Bathing suits with built in absorbent lining

A period proof one piece or bikini bottom looks just like a regular bathing suit. No one can tell what it is and that you’re on your period. It’s very safe from leaks.

The built in lining doesn’t just absorb fluids but also fight of odours and bacteria. They usually holds between 2-3 tampons worth of fluid. That is about 10-15ml.

Bathing suits with built in absorbent lining and pad pocket

I don’t think it’s called a pad pocket, it’s just my name for it, but I think it’s very self explanatory. The bathing suits has a water resistent pocket where you can put a pad for extra absorbency.

Nowadays there are even double-sided pads. When one side is full you just flip it. That means it holds up to 6 tampons worth. Then you just wash it in the washing machine and have at it again. Kind of amazing.

Waterproof period pads

There are pads marketed as waterproof pads. I don’t think that is 100% true. You will need to change your pad often because it will absorb some water and get heavier. They are of course better to use than regular ones.

It’s important to wear a bathing suit that has a snug fit because the pad most stay in place and you don’t want to use a pad with wings (they will be visible). So, if there’s no “pocket” choose a piece that fits well to make sure the adhesive doesn’t get wet.

waterproof period pads

FAQ about bathing on your period

Does my period stop under water?

No, but the pressure of the water will slow down your bleeding. That means you won’t bleed as much while in the water.

Can I swim without a tampon?

Well, that depends. You are obviously allowed to swim on your period without any protection but there might be some leakage, especially when you get out of the water. The water won’t turn red around you and it’s not unhygienic.

It’s smart to choose a low absorbent tampon and change it more often because your flow is reduced, and the tampon can absorb chemicals in the water.

What are menstrual cups and menstrual discs?

You can use both the menstrual cup and the disc for up to 12 hours and they both collect the blood. That means it’s not absorbed, and you need to pour it out. I really like the cup because of this and that it doesn’t absorb and water or other stuff.

The difference between the menstrual cup and the disc is the design. The disc is more shallow and you can have sex with it in place.

Do you have more questions?

Are you still not sure what bathing suit to where on your period, feel free to ask more questions or advice in the comments. It doesn’t matter if it’s about style, function, or life. I’m definitely not a doctor or anything, just a woman with lots of period and period product experience.