If you use tampons for your period you can do that when you swim as well. But if you for some reason can’t or don’t want to, you can use period underwear for swimming. No tampons required. At least not if you don’t have a super heavy flow at that time. The water pressure actually helps to reduce the flow, but not entirely. And you have to get up at some point.

Reading through recommendations on the internet, I can see that most aren’t up to date. Everywhere I look I see that “you can’t use a pad for swimming”. That’s not really true anymore. There are bikini bottoms that allow you to wear special pads. This means protection up to 6 tampons worth. I will give you an example of that further down.

What I love about period underwear for swimming is that you don’t have to wear or worry about tampons, liners or pads. You just put on you one-piece or bikini and you’re good to go. The protection is built in. Easy peasy. No one can ever know you’re on your period. They work like a charm.  Let’s dive in and take a look at what’s available.

Women’s period underwear for swimming

I know of 2 great brands that make period underwear for swimming. We have Modibodi and Rubylove. Modibodi has a very small but super qualitative selection. Rubylove has tons of stuff in good quality. They have a couple of different designs with different absorbency capacities and functions. Make sure you read the descriptions.