If you use tampons for your period you can do that when you swim as well. But if you for some reason can’t or don’t want to, you can use period underwear for swimming. No tampons required. At least not if you don’t have a super heavy flow at that time. The water pressure actually helps to reduce the flow, but not entirely. And you have to get up at some point.

Reading through recommendations on the internet, I can see that most aren’t up to date. Everywhere I look I see that “you can’t use a pad for swimming”. That’s not really true anymore. There are bikini bottoms that allow you to wear special pads. This means protection up to 6 tampons worth. I will give you an example of that further down.

What I love about period underwear for swimming is that you don’t have to wear or worry about tampons, liners or pads. You just put on you one-piece or bikini and you’re good to go. The protection is built in. Easy peasy. No one can ever know you’re on your period. They work like a charm.  Let’s dive in and take a look at what’s available.

Women’s period underwear for swimming

I know of 2 great brands that make period underwear for swimming. We have Modibodi and Rubylove. Modibodi has a very small but super qualitative selection. Rubylove has tons of stuff in good quality. They have a couple of different designs with different absorbency capacities and functions. Make sure you read the descriptions.


Period proof One-pieces

A classic black one piece will never go out of style. You can use it for years to come. On the other hand it’s not as fun and enjoyable as something colorful matching your sun kissed skin. The one piece is great if you want to do something a little more active, like swimming, surfing or snorkeling.

Period proof One-pieces

This one holds up to 2 tampons worth and is perfect for light period days. Or as back up for heavier bleeding. Don’t let anything stop you from doing what you want.

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period proof one piece for swimming

With a sense of flare

This lovely thing comes in a variety of colors and can really keep you safe throughout any kind of flow. On its on it holds up to 3 tampons worth. You can also with Rubylove’s double sided pad for up to 6 tampons of absorption (you find the pads under Accessories on the site). These One pieces are designed specifically for water. That means no swelling. No one can ever tell it’s a period proof swimsuit.

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period swimsuits

Period proof Racerback

If you want something a little more sporty this Racerback with Hot lava print is a great choice. No swelling, no leaks, and no tampons needed. There are a lot more colors and prints if Hot lava ain’t your thing.

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leak proof underwear for swimming

Period proof Two-pieces for swimming

You can buy just a pair of period proof bikini bottoms and pair with any top you like. If you do want a matching set Rubylove has many cute two-pieces in different styles, colors and patterns. There’s not really much of a price difference if you have to get the top anyway. It could be fun to have two pieces that goes together.

Look fabulous and feel safe

Period proof two pieces from Rubylove are designed to functional and discreet. They don’t swell and can be worn throughout the day during any activity. You can wear it by the pool or at the beach, swimming and relaxing.

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period proof two piece for swimming

Stylish ruffles

This bikini set is one of my favorites. It’s cute, with flexible style (you can pair it with other items you got) and will keep you safe. It holds up to 3 tampons worth and can be paired with a double sided pad (holds up to 6 tampons worth). No plastic or odors, just cotton.

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period bikini

Period proof bottoms

If you already have bikini tops you want to use you can save some money and just get the period proof bottoms. I have found 5 different styles, bikini, Hi-waist, hipster, classic and double-tie. I wont show them all here but will guide you to where you can find them.

Bottoms from Modibodi

Modibodi has 2 different styles, Bikini and Hi-waist. They’re only available in black and navy blue. That’s probably because that’s the most flexible colors that are easy to match with different tops. The pair in the picture is a bikini model. If you want to see the Hi-waist as well click the link below.

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period proof bottoms for swimming

Bottoms from Rubylove

Rubylove offers 3 different styles, Hipster, Classic and Double-tie. I think the double-tie is most stylish, but the Hipster definitely offers some more comfortable coverage. If you find something you like there, you can get 15% on any piece of swimwear you like using my coupon code. Just follow the link and get it. No strings attached.

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period proof bikini bottoms

Are you still worried about leaks?

If you still can’t believe that period underwear for swimming actually works, you should check out this video with professional Synchronized Swimmer, Monica Lopez De Victoria. She uses period swimsuits when she performs.