Let’s start with the most important question. Does period swimwear for teens really work? Yes they do. At least to some degree. It’s definitely a great option for girls who can’t or don’t want to use tampons.

Although, there are some limitations that are good to know:

Absorbency: 1-2 tampons
Period days: light flow and spotting
Pros: Feel safe and comfortable, help reduce waste

If we’re talking heavier flow the solution is to combine the period proof swimwear with tampons or better up, a menstrual cup. It will still work as back up, protecting from sneaky leaks and stains on clothes and towels. If you can’t wear tampons you can also secure a pad in Rubyloves swimwear. You can read more about that here.

There are of course also differences in quality and absorbency between different brands. I haven’t tried them all, but I do have two favorite ones, Modibodi and Rubylove.