Let’s start with the most important question. Does period swimwear for teens really work? Yes they do. At least to some degree. It’s definitely a great option for girls who can’t or don’t want to use tampons.

Although, there are some limitations that are good to know:

Absorbency: 1-2 tampons
Period days: light flow and spotting
Pros: Feel safe and comfortable, help reduce waste

If we’re talking heavier flow the solution is to combine the period proof swimwear with tampons or better up, a menstrual cup. It will still work as back up, protecting from sneaky leaks and stains on clothes and towels. If you can’t wear tampons you can also secure a pad in Rubyloves swimwear. You can read more about that here.

There are of course also differences in quality and absorbency between different brands. I haven’t tried them all, but I do have two favorite ones, Modibodi and Rubylove.

period proof swimwear for teens and tweens

Modibodi has a more classic line and Rubylove is more colorful. Both prices and the quality are about the same. They differ a bit in style, technology, some features, and colors. Both brands have all in all great period swimwear for teens and have very many satisfied customers.

Keep reading to see and learn what they offer. All swimwear shown in this article will fit teenage girls.


Period swimsuits for teens

As I mentioned before, Modibodi has a more limited selection compared to Rubylove. I still think the period One pieces are worth checking out because of their classic design. They are comfortable, flattering and won’t be out of date next year.

I would say that Modibodi has the best period swimwear for teens because they’re so versatile. You can wear it to the beach, for competitions, training and school, and to pool parties. Without fear of leaking.

Are you looking for a bit more flare, jump on over to Rubylove. The Rubylove selection offers bright pink, ruffles and fun patterns. The prices are about the same so you can truly go with the ones you like the best.

modibodi red period swimwear

Period swimwear from Modibodi.com →

At the moment you can get this blue racerback one piece with molded chest cups for just $34.50. Designed for younger bodies.

the best period proof one piece for teens

Period One pieces from Rubylove.com →

Like all swimwear from Rubylove, this off shoulder one piece can be worn with or without our Ruby Love Double-Sided Pad, a sanitary pad, tampon or menstrual cup.

period swimwear for young girls

Period One pieces from Rubylove.com →

If you don’t fancy this aztec pattern you should head over to Rubylove.com and see all the colors, styles and patterns they offer.

Teen period swim bottoms

There are no longer any reason to be afraid of leaks and stains. Boost teen confidence with period swimwear. Modibodi RED bikini briefs are perfect to wear under regular school or competitive swimwear. They can of course also be worn with any bikini top of your choosing.

If you’re looking for something cute, Rubylove has a double tie bottom in a couple of different colors. They also have a very price worthy Bundle deal where you can choose 3 pairs of any black swimwear style.

Periods shouldn’t keep anyone from pool or school.

period proof bikini bottoms for teens

Period swimwear from Modibodi.com →

A pair of black or dark blue bottoms can be worn with so many different tops. They will also never go out of style. 

best period bikini bottoms

Period Bottoms from Rubylove.com →

From Rubylove you can get hipsters. classic bikinis and double tie in a couple of different colors.