The short answer to if period pants work for bladder leaks is YES. That’s because they’re designed to deal with fluids, any kind of fluid. You can rely on them for blood, urine, discharge and sweat. It’s really just about branding.

With that said, it’s worth mentioning that there are period pants out there that are better suited for bladder leaks than others. Especially if you leak more often or a lot at a time.

What’s the difference between period proof and pee proof underwear?

That’s a good question. Is there a difference? I don’t have access to all brands production process or technology but I’m convinced that there’s no difference between period proof and incontinence underwear. That’s why many brands also markets their products as leak proof underwear.

period proof vs pee proof

How does leak proof underwear work

I have come across 3 kinds of leak proof underwear designs. We have 2 layered, 3 layered and 3 layered with pad pouch.

2 layered leak proof underwear

These are usually made of an absorbent fabric like cotton or bamboo. It’s kind of like regular underwear with an extra layer of absorbent fabric. They work great for little leaks and you’ll find them a lot cheaper than the 3 layered ones.

3 layered leak proof underwear

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Today some of these can handle up to 50ml (10 tampons worth of fluids).

  • The first layer wicks away the fluid from the skin, keeping you nice and dry.
  • The second layer locks away the fluid (and the smell).
  • The third layer is waterproof (giving you that extra layer of leak protection).

A lot of the brands have their own “technology” and patent pending innovations but I’m guessing they’re quite similar. I could be wrong of course.

3 layered underwear with a pad pouch

These obviously work they same way as the 3 layered ones, with the exception of having a crotch panel where you can secure a pad. The upside of this is that you can get extra absorption.

Use reusable pads if you want to stay away from disposables. There are even double sided washable pads to maximize the absorption. You just turn it over when one side is full.

What period pants work best for bladder leaks

That is a slightly wrongly phrased question. A better one would be, what are the best incontinence underwear, or pee proof underwear.

The answer isn’t straight forward. It depends on your needs and how much you leak. If you read Incontinence underwear for women, you’ll get a better understanding of what brands offer the right style and absorbency for you.

teen underwear with leak protection

Get the leaks to go away

That’s usually easier said than done but, there are many cases where urinary incontinence isn’t chronic. If you’re experiencing stress incontinence (you leak when you sneeze, laugh or cough), pelvic floor exercises, called Kegel exercises might help you. You can also try different devices like strengthening devices and bladder control support.

Pelvic floor strengthening devices

This is a device that will help you train and strengthen you pelvic muscles to prevent leaks. This is advised to do after giving birth. You can of course train your muscles without a device, it will just make it a lot easier and faster.

Bladder control support

This is actually kind of cool. It looks like a tampon and gives support to the bladder from the inside. If it works for you there’s no need for leak proof underwear at all.

If you want to know more about incontinence products and underwear, read Best incontinence products for women.