So, which period swimwear is better, Modibody or Rubylove? I guess it depends on who you’re asking and what better means. Better can be a very subjective word. Let’s try to make it more objective and compare the swimwear on a couple of parameters.

Let’s have a look at what people think of Modibodi and Rubylove period swimwear when it comes to

  • Absorption
  • Style & design
  • Fit & Sizes
  • Price

I have tried them both myself but are also basing this comparison on online reviews to not make just my opinion count.

If you want to skip straight to the summation, just scroll down to the bottom of the post.

Absorption – amount of fluids

We have different needs at different days depending on where we are in our cycle. Sometimes it’s just a light leak and sometimes it’s a steady flow.

Modibodi Light leaks

great absorption period swimwear
5 / 5

Modibodi swimwear hold up to 2 regular tampons worth of blood or other fluids (20ml). They have a waterproof outer gusset that locks away leaks and protects you from odors and stains. The outmost layer dries 3 times faster than your regular swimwear.

Rubylove Light leaks

5 / 5

Rubylove has a built-in liner made of 100% organic cotton that holds up to 3 tampons worth. They promise no swelling in the water.

Our Ruby Love Technology features a smart and intuitive design. Our built-in absorbent liner is made of 100% absorbent organic cotton and is perfectly angled under your body to collect your flow immediately, ensuring leak-proof comfort.

Modibodi Heavy flow 

3 / 5

I can’t really recommend Modibodi for heavy days because they only hold 2 tampons worth of fluids. You can of course pair them with tampons, menstrual cups or discs for extra protection but they start to feel unnecessary.

Rubylove Heavy flow

5 / 5

Rubylove is better than Modibodi when compared for period swimwear on heavy flow days. Rubyloves has a special dri-tech mesh gusset and special washable pads that can hold up to 6 tampons worth of blood (double sided pad). I think that is pretty amazing.

Remember we bleed less in water because of the water pressure. This effect does wear off when you get out of the water.

Style and Design – classic or trendy


4 / 5

I have to say I personally like the styles Modibodi offers. They have more classic cuts, clean designs and long lasting looks. It’s nice to get something that will last more than one season.

period underwear for swimming

With that said I’m 38 years old and appreciate different designs and trends compared to you teens and young adults. I would almost say that Modibodi might be more for women than girls.

If you want to ser some design examples, check out the post -> Period underwear for swimming for women and ladies


4 / 5

If Modibodi has better designs for period swimwear, Rubylove has better period swimwear for teens and young adults. The designs are more youthful and they have a lot more colors, patterns and styles to choose from. We’re talking ruffles, one shoulders and space patterns. You can also find m