What is incontinence pants for women?

Incontinence pants for women are either disposable or washable pull-up pants that absorbs urine and keeps odors in check. There are usually an outer waterproof layer as well. There are quite a few to choose from, and the vary in price, quality and absorption capacity, design and style.

Should I choose disposable or reusable incontinence pants?

There are a number of factors to consider. I will list 3 reasons to help you find what’s best for you.

Disposable incontinence pants

  • Better absorbency – there are a lot of different absorbency levels, from super light to sever or total incontinence
  • Convenience – it’s convenient to just through them in the trash when you’re done with them
  • Time saving – you don’t have to wash them

Reusable incontinence pants

  • Cheaper – it’s good economic choice in the long run because you can reuse them for a long time
  • Discretion – they look and and make you feel normal and confident
  • Environmentally friendly – because you can wash them and reuse them, they’re good for the environment
the best incontinence under pants for women

Below I will go through my top choices for both disposable and washable incontinence pants for women. Make sure to check that the absorbency, style and function will fit you and your needs. And don’t be afraid to try something new.

The best disposable incontinence pants for women

Finding a disposable pant that fit right, don’t leak, and have the right absorbency can unfortunately be a bit tricky. All brands and designs have both good and bad reviews. That’s because we all have different bodies and needs. But don’t give up. Try a few, and then make up your mind.

For daily use – Depend Fit-Flex

It’s hard to just choose one to recommend here because there are a number of great brands and products. And as I mentioned before, what fits med doesn’t necessarily fit you. With that said, one of the most popular disposable pee proof pants are Depend Fit-Flex. Most users like their style, absorption capacity, leak protection, odor control, and fit.

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If you want check out more best selling options, you should try

best disposable incontinence pants for women

For active days – Depend active-fit incontinence pants for women

If you experience light to moderate leaks, Depend active-fit is a strong contender. They’re made of cotton like and soft material that is super comfortable. You get a thin feminine design, that is even yoga pants approved. A lot of women like them because they fit an active lifestyle and come in the colors black, beige and purple. Matching underwear color with your outfit make them even more discreet.

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incontinence underwear for an active life

A cheap option – Solimo the Amazon brand

If you’re looking for inexpensive incontinence pants with great absorbency, Solimo is a great choice. It’s Amazons’ own brand. They’re not much to look at, and the material have a paper feel to it. But they work, and they work great. Except from the price, these disposable underwear are worth buying because they’re individually wrapped. The wrapping protects them in your bag. Don’t forget to consider the Subscribe & Save offer if you like them.

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cheap incontinence pants for women

For night time – Tranquility Premium Overnight

All brands mentioned above have overnight options. I think Tranquility Premium Overnight is the best incontinence pants for women.because their absorbency is unmatched. Most people who have problems with severe or total incontinence love these. I would say they’re almost more a diaper than a pant, but that is just semantics. What ever works… Like most of these incontinence underwear, they have tear-away sides for easy removal.

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overnight incontinence pants for women

The best reusable incontinence pants for women

If you’re not suffering from really severe or total incontinence, I think that reusable underwear make the best incontinence pants for women. They don’t have quite the same absorption capacity, but I think they win in so many other ways. First of all they make you feel a little bit more normal, and are so much more discreet. Second the pants will save both money and the environment. Finally, they will make you look great. There are wonderful styles to choose from, and they’re all better than the disposable ones.

For light dribbles – Modibodi & Knix

Absorbency: up to 20ml

Unless you actually just dribble or leak very little pee, I wouldn’t recommend neither Modibodi nor Knix. Their leak proof pants with maximum absorbency can handle up to 15-20 ml. That is not an awful lot. But I do want to include them because they have so many lovely styles in great quality. They’re both leak proof underwear brands, they don’t specialize in urinary incontinence. That means they’re designed for all kinds of little leaks, pee, period, heavy discharge and sweat.


Modibodi’s best selling pee proof pant is the Classic Bikini. It holds up to 20 ml of fluids. The best part about a classic is that it works for any occasion and over time.

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light dribble incontinence pants


Knix has both innovative and unique leak proof designs. We’re talking extra support and stability, lace, thongs, and the ultimate leak proof sleep shorts. They call them The Dream Short. It has a thicker waistband and a 4-way stretch material that moves when you move.

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