If you want a short answer to the question “does period proof underwear work?”, I can tell you right away. Yes they do. Period panties are actually awesome. In general, they’re comfortable, pretty, discreet, and environmentally friendly. Although, all period proof underwear does not have the same quality and absorption capacity. I’ve haven’t found any really cheap option that works well. Or not well enough for me and my period at least. If you’re just spotting I guess you can get by with simple double layered underwear that doesn’t cost much.

Do you on the other hand want a little more detailed answer, keep reading. I will go through how they work, why they are worth trying and give you some of my personal experiences. You can also find tips on where to get find your perfect style and absorption.

How does period proof underwear work?

All brands I’ve come across have their own combination of technology and fabrics, but they all work in a similar way. The underwear consist of three layers.

1 layer – moisture wicking

2 layer – locks away fluids

3 layer – waterproof

The inner layer is super moisture wicking, transferring the liquid away from your skin to the second layer. This keeps your skin nice and dry. It’s important for feeling comfortable and also for the health of your skin. Moist can create bacteria, rashes, and chafing.

does period proof underwear work

The second, middle layer is where the fluid is locked away. Keeping bacteria and odors at bay. Thirdly we have the outer layer that is usually waterproof. It works like the final defense line. If somehow fluids leak through, the outer layer protects your clothes and bedding from getting stained.

How do I take care of my period underwear

It’s easy. Just rinse in cold water after using them and throw them in the washer with your other clothes. Don’t use fabric softener. You should actually never use fabric softener. It’s not good for your clothes, you or the environment. I use vinegar and essential oils instead.

If you take good care of your period proof underwear they will last as long as any of your other underwear. When they’ve done their job and are ready for retirement, use them as cleaning cloths or just recycle them.

Why should I spend my money on period underwear?

At first glance, period proof underwear can seem like an unnecessary expense. Although, I think you can see it as an investment. There’s an initial high price, but in the long run you will save money because you can use them time and time again. This also means it’s a sustainable product that can completely replace disposables like tampons, pads and panty liners. Other perks are…

Leakproof – Period underwear work just as well with any kind a fluid. That means you can use them for incontinence, heavier discharge and sweat/training. If you live a very active life you might want to consider period proof activewear or swimwear.

Bloody comfortable – I hate the feeling of pads and how they somehow always ride up one side and I constantly have to pull them and my underwear in place. I also hate panty liners because they never seem to cover the right area. With period underwear I usually forget that I’m even on my period. Bloody comfortable if I may say so.

Discreet – no one will know you’re on you period. They look just like regular underwear.

period proof swim wear for women

Stylish – So much better than bulky pads and wings sticking out.

Protect your clothes and sheets – Most of us have probably ruined a sheet or two. I even ruined a mattress once. The outer waterproof layer of the underwear can save both your clothes and your bedding. You will also feel more confident and secure.

My thoughts and experiences

I’ve tried a couple of different period underwear, and I want to point out that they differ in quality and capacity, but they have worked. All of them have. Quality and price usually goes hand in hand here. The key is to find the styles that you like that fit your body type, and also the right absorbency levels for your flow. You need some that will work on your heavy days and some for light dribbles. It’s pretty easy calculating your absorbency needs. All brands I’ve come across offer som kind of guide and tampon comparison. For instance, a panty with moderate absorbency holds 2 tampons worth. Or something like that. You can find that information next to all styles.

I like to wear period underwear that are specially designed for sleeping during the nights. They move better with your body and have longer gussets. Finally I like to have a few “nice” ones, for when I want to feel extra pretty. That’s of course not essential but looking nice usually make us feel nice inside as well.

You shouldn’t worry about them being bulky and uncomfortable. The ones I buy are only 3mm thick. That’s almost like a regular underwear. You wont even know you have them on after a while.

period proof sleep wear

The best period proof underwear

If you don’t know where to start, I’ve gathered some of my top choices and favorite brands. The ones I recommend are almost equally great. They mostly differ in style and design. Just try the ones you like. I can almost guarantee you wont regret it.

My 4 favorite period proof underwear brands →